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Anything but predictable
Our 72nd Season!

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Congratulations to the Firebringer Cast

Congratulations to the Cast of Firebringer! Special thank you to all who came out for auditions to share their talent with us!

Cast of Firebringer:

Lindsay Capuno as Zazzalil
Jessi Scott as Jemilla
Melanie Kurstin as Emberly
Cameron Powell as Grunt
Kit Dayrit as Chorn
Nicole Keats Headd as Keeri
Ryan Washington as Ducker
Jessica Cooperstock as Shwoopsie
Sara Alipanah as Tiblyn
Glenn Williams as Smelly Balls
Melanie McGuin as Molag
Pat Mahoney as Clark

Show Information


by Alan Ball
Directed by Danielle Guy
Produced by Jennifer Lyman

LOCATION: Gunston Theatre Two, 2700 South Lang Street, Arlington, VA
DATES: November 5, 2021 - November 20, 2021, Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays at 8 PM

During an ostentatious wedding reception at a Knoxville, Tennessee, estate, five reluctant, identically clad bridesmaids hide out in an upstairs bedroom, each with her own reason to avoid the proceedings below. They are Frances, a painfully sweet but sheltered fundamentalist; Mindy, the cheerful, wise-cracking lesbian sister of the groom; Georgeanne, whose heartbreak over her own failed marriage triggers outrageous behavior; Meredith, the bride’s younger sister, whose precocious rebelliousness masks a dark secret; and Trisha, a jaded beauty whose die-hard cynicism about men is called into question when she meets Tripp, a charming bad-boy usher to whom there is more than meets the eye. As the afternoon wears on, these five very different women joyously discover a common bond in this wickedly funny, irreverent, and touching celebration of the women’s spirit.

Rebecca Cooley as Frances
Gwyneth Sholar as Meredith
Brittany Washington as Trisha
Melanie Kurstin as Georgeanne
Gabby Carter as Mindy
Cameron Powell as Tripp 

Content warning: This production includes drug and alcohol use, adult language, and discussion of sexual assault.

Meredith Marlowe: Embodying the Unlikeable by Gwyneth Sholar

Dominion Stage Statement on COVID-19 Protocols

Dominion Stage is committed to providing a safe environment for all cast, crew, and patrons. Therefore all activities sponsored by Dominion Stage will always adhere to the current COVID-19 safety protocols set forth by federal, state, and county guidance. In addition, Dominion Stage may choose to implement additional safety measures above and beyond the standard guidelines, if the Board of Directors deems it necessary to preserve the health and safety of all individuals engaged in our community. All safety protocols will be clearly communicated to all individuals attending any Dominion Stage function. 
Given that current conditions are frequently evolving and changing, safety protocols may be added or changed at any time to remain in compliance with the highest standards of safety. In the event of a change to safety procedures, changes will be communicated promptly to all impacted individuals. All cast, crew, patrons, volunteers, guests, and others present at Dominion Stage sponsored activities will be required to adhere to all current safety protocols at all times, without exception. Dominion Stage encourages all members of our community to get the COVID-19 vaccination, however, vaccinated individuals will still be required to adhere to all safety protocols.

Information about current guidelines can be found at the following websites:

Centers for Disease Control: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/index.html
Virginia Department of Health: https://www.vdh.virginia.gov/coronavirus/
Arlington County Health Department: https://www.arlingtonva.us/covid-19/

Current Safety Guidelines for Auditions and Rehearsals:

Auditions, rehearsals, and other meetings may be conducted indoors.

Dominion Stage will follow current Arlington County guidelines regarding face masks and social distancing for auditions, rehearsals, meetings, and other gatherings. 

Frequent hand washing is encouraged.

Current Safety Guidelines for performances:

The cast and crew are fully vaccinated. The cast will perform with clear masks.  The audience will be required to wear masks.

Upcoming Shows

  • The Bluest Eye
    August 6-21, 2021. Drama by Lydia R. Diamond from the novel by Toni Morrison. To be directed by Eleanore Tapscott.
  • Five Women Wearing the Same Dress
    November 5-20, 2021.  Comedy by Alan Ball.  To be directed by Danielle Guy.
  • Firebringer
    January 21-February 5, 2022. Music and Lyrics by Meredith Stepien & Mark Swiderski, Book by Nick Lang, Matt Lang & Brian Holden, Arranged by Clark Baxtresser & Pierce Siebers. To be directed by Michael Page, Music Directed by Chad Rabago, Choreographed by Colleen Prior.
  • [Title of Show]
    May 6-21, 2022. Music & Lyrics by Jeff Bowen, Book by Hunter Bell. To be directed by Kevin Sockwell, Music Director Matthew Dohm.

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Since a group of neighbors formed a play-reading group in 1949, Dominion Stage has been a part of the Arlington community.  We are Arlington's oldest community theatre.  We seek stories that reflect everyone in our community, especially those not usually highlighted.  To us, "Anything But Predictable" means you'll see stories about the good, the bad, the ugly, and even the undead.  We've explored incest, suicide, drug abuse, mental illness, sexuality, prejudice, puppet sex, crime, and life in a trailer park, on a desert isle, in a locker room, and at a boarding school.  Sometimes we're not the best choice for grandma or the kids, and we'll let you know.  We ARE the best choice for theatre that makes you think, helps you understand, makes you laugh (frequently), makes you cry (sometimes), and celebrates the community we are all a part of.  

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Dominion Stage's current black-box home (the original library of Gunston Middle School) gives us space to present musicals with large casts and sets, as well as the intimacy necessary for more dramatic pieces and comedies.  Seating configuration changes with each production, and audience members are rarely more than a few steps from the actors. There is plentiful free parking.  Patrons enter via the main glass doors, pass Theatre One on the left, and follow the signs down the hall to Theatre Two, or may drive around the building to park closer to Theatre Two's entrance (look for the neon art).  The closest Metro (though not walkable) is Pentagon City.

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